garage door opener installation repair

Garage Door Opener Installation & Repair

Need your garage door opener repaired or a new opener installed? Call us now and we can professionally service your garage door opener. Call Now!

Garage Door Opener Repair & Installation

garage door opener repair

Garage Door Opener Installation and Repair

Is your garage door making unusual noises or no longer opening and closing properly? You may have an issue with your garage door opener. Our techs can inspect and diagnose your garage door issues. We can install or repair your garage door opener and get it back into proper working condition.

Mobile technicians available 7 days a week to help you with:

  • Garage door opener repair & adjustment
  • Garage door opener installation
  • Garage door remote programming
  • Garage door opener gear replacement
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Standard chain drive, ultra quiet and durable belt drive, WiFi smart openers, overheard and side mounted garage door openers. There are many options, we'll help you choose the right garage door opener for your needs.

Choosing the Right Garage Door Opener

You want to make sure to install a garage door opener that meets your needs and requirements. In addition to choosing either an overhead garage door opener (the most common type) or a side mounted opener, you also want to consider:

Power - Is your garage door a single door or a double door? Is your garage door made of lightweight aluminum, is it a steel door, vinyl, fiberglass, or is it a heavy wood garage door? Garage door openers have different horsepower depending on the workload needed. Be sure to get an opener that meets your door requirements.

Drive - In the past, chain drive garage door openers were the standard and may still be a good option. Belt drive garage door openers have become the preferred opener for most residential garage doors due to their durability and ultra quite operation.

Features - Many new garage door openers now have WiFi that give you the ability to control your garage from anywhere using your smartphone and app. Some openers also have integrated video cameras that enable you to see inside your garage with a live video feed or a motion activated recording.

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Garage Door Opener Setup & Maintenance

When we install a new garage door opener, we will make sure your garage door is properly adjust and in perfect working order. We'll install and setup your wall mounted door opener buttons and program you vehicle remote garage door openers.

Remember, regular preventative maintenance and adjustments can often prevent and solve most minor issues. Wait too long and minor issues can turn into more expensive repairs and part replacements. Call now to have a Garage Door Repair Near Me technician service your home or commercial garage door in Denver, CO.

Garage Door Repair in Denver, Colorado

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